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Who is Sharifa Green

Deputy Executive Director of Entrepreneurial Development and Strategic Coaching

About Me

Sharifa Green, a distinguished figure in the realm of business coaching and development, brings a wealth of expertise and a proven record of entrepreneurial success to the Equity Entrepreneur Center (E2C). As Deputy Executive Director, she stands at the forefront of providing technical assistance to business owners through E2C's transformative 14-week program since its inception. Her journey, highlighted by the successful launch and growth of more than three businesses, is a testament to her deep-rooted passion for the entrepreneurial journey and her unwavering commitment to fostering business excellence.

With a career spanning over 9 years, Sharifa has meticulously honed her skills across a variety of domains, including Business Management, Administration Management, Community Development, Consulting, and Executive Coaching. This extensive background ensures she brings a comprehensive and nuanced understanding to her roles, significantly enhancing her impact on the programs and initiatives she leads.

Holding esteemed certifications from the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners, Sharifa is a master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Time Technique, Life, and Success Coaching, and Hypnotherapy. Her comprehensive training is the foundation of her work at DIFPHERENT LLC, a leading consultancy she founded to offer strategic business transformations and leadership empowerment. The firm is committed to helping leaders align their ambitions with actionable strategies, thereby driving success, broadening influence, and boosting revenue through tailored business guidance and strategic consultation.

At E2C, Sharifa goes beyond course development and implementation, spearheading initiatives for small business development and strategic program enhancements. She offers strategic counsel and advice to the executive director, and trainers, and plays a crucial role in strategic partnership program development. Her profound understanding of leadership, strategic innovation, and the business landscape enables her to craft powerful success roadmaps. Her guidance is pivotal in steering both E2C and the businesses it supports toward groundbreaking achievements in business transformation and leadership empowerment.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sharifa is a proud mother to her son, cherishing the journey of motherhood as one of her most fulfilling roles. Her faith in God guides her actions and decisions, imbuing her work with a sense of purpose and integrity. Sharifa aspires to make E2C a nurturing, inclusive space where every participant, especially the underserved, feels valued and supported—akin to a family. By providing the essential tools for success, she aims to transform not only businesses but communities at large, enabling the creation of powerful legacies and positively impacting the community's local economic development and lives.

Sharifa Green's profile on our non-profit website not only highlights her professional credentials and achievements but also underscores her commitment to making a significant impact through her work. Her expertise, passion for women's empowerment, personal values, and vision render her an indispensable asset to our team and a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs eager to pursue growth and success. Her private consultancy, DIFPHERENT LLC, represents a premium and exclusive avenue for those ready to elevate their business and leadership capabilities, embodying strategic empowerment and transformation at its core.

Deputy Executive Director of Entrepreneurial Development and Strategic Coaching

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