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Who is Bruce Lewis


About Me

Mr. Bruce N. Lewis founded L B Limited & Associates, Inc. in October 1990, and the Equity Entrepreneur Center (e2c) in April 2021. Mr. Lewis has over 30 years of business experience and is well versed in numerous business-related topics. The firm specializes in Large-scale Public/Private Development Projects or “P3s”. As a Real Estate Development Specialist, Advisor, Strategist and Public Relations practitioner, he is solely responsible for Large-scale P3 Development Projects Governmental Approvals on behalf of his clients.

Entrepreneurship: For more than 30 years Bruce has been a voice for the little guys – black and brown small business owners. He is a strong advocate for leveling the playing field, advising, and building capacity for small businesses in any industry and at any stage of growth. Mr. Lewis has accumulated a formidable knowledge base resulting from his active involvement in all three County Disparity Studies and shares that knowledge with those small businesses that have a thirst and a commitment to excel. As standard procedure, Mr. Lewis has an open-door policy to provide 1-hr consultation sessions for those small businesses that need advice, direction, or motivation at no cost. To ensure the consultation is effective, he gives a homework assignment which must be completed prior to receiving another session. “There have been individuals I have seen only once! On the other hand, others have warren-out their welcome!” Mr. Lewis said. To date, Bruce has logged over two thousand hours and counting!

Mentorship:You really cannot be an effective Business owner without having an adviser or Mentor. They go together. Mr. Lewis currently has forty-seven mentees, most of which are young start up entrepreneurs and the others have matured to be outstanding business owners and are actively involved in their communities. Mr. Lewis’ engrains in his mentees the importance of giving back! Forty-one (41) are still in business, some have transformed themselves into community leaders, others have ascended to some of the county’s most treasured organizations; Eric Kelly/Quantum Foundation, Darryl Houston/Community Foundation, Raphael Clemente/Downtown Development Authority and Upendo Shabazz, Allegany Franciscan Ministries, to name a few.

Most recently, Mr. Bruce Lewis was requested by the City of West Palm Beach to form a Non-Profit organization to provide technical assistance to black and brown small businesses that were/are having difficulties keeping their business operations alive. The Equity Entrepreneur Center (E2C) was founded by him in April 2021.

“E2C is a culmination of my life’s work in assisting businesses in all stages of development. I am hopeful it will exist well beyond my life and with favorable results over time. My goal is that E2C will be eliminated due to leveling the playing field! I enjoy helping entrepreneurs who demonstrate the desire to help themselves. It is my duty to serve!”

Civic/Social Activities – – Founder, Equity Entrepreneur Center (2021-present) West Palm Beach Center for Art & Technology, Valley National Bank CRA Advisory Board (2015 – present), St. Mary’s Hospital Community Advisory Commission (2015 – present), City of West Palm Beach, Downtown Development Authority Board Chairman (2001-2013), Chairman – Black Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County (2012 – 2018), PR Adviser - Quantum Foundation of Palm Beach & Martin County (2010 – present), Graduate - Leadership Palm Beach County, Class of 1997, Member - Board of Directors, Executive Board, 2005/2006 Campaign Chair, United Way of Palm Beach County (1998 – 2011), Corporate Board of Directors and Executive Board - Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach County (1995 – 2001),


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